Current trends for Sales, After Sales and Automotive Electronics

The most important trends for your aftermarket business!

4. April 2018|AFTERMARKET|

New technologies are emerging every day that can make your aftermarket operations simpler, more efficient and more successful. Keeping up with this rapid development is difficult, which is why we’ve taken a closer look at the ten most important tech trends for you. Find out here how to use them in your work in a [...]

FlexConfig Analyzer 3.3 – new version


The FlexConfig Analyzer is a fast, easy tool for visualizing CAN, LIN or FlexRay data on a smartphone or tablet. In late June of 2018, STAR COOPERATION will launch FlexConfig Analyzer 3.3, the latest update with a wide range of new features. Two of them are particularly useful: Support for the FlexDevice-S Use your FlexDevice-S [...]

FlexDevice-S discount campaign: save 25%


Exchange your FlexDevice-M or FlexXCon midget for a new FlexDevice-S and receive a 25% discount! The campaign will be active until the end of June, 2018. STAR provides the best products and services – always. Product development is our top priority. Benefit from our affordable starter device to run your restbus simulations and gateways: the [...]

Two become one: 800 volts for an electric car


STAR COOPERATION embarked on an ambitious mission: to construct a battery for an electric vehicle using two 400-volt batteries. It was no easy feat. The client that commissioned the project is a major developer of drive batteries and required an 800-volt unit for an electric vehicle prototype. Since it only had 400-volt batteries in its [...]

An end-of-line test bench for the ultimate sound


A proper sports car requires a bold sound. The exhaust gas system needs to produce the right tone at all times, both on the racing track and in the city. A renowned manufacturer of sports cars is using the end-of-line test bench by STAR COOPERATON to ensure that their exhaust gas systems work perfectly. Three [...]

FlexConfig RBS to support LIN


Create gateway configurations or restbus simulations easily, quickly and, in some cases, even automatically: engineers, developers and technicians have been using the FlexConfig RBS software for years. On April 30, 2018, STAR will release its latest version, FlexConfig RBS 4.4., which features many innovative functions. Release: what’s new in FlexConfig RBS 4.4 Support for the [...]

A powerful car battery: more energy for many technical components


Powerful, lightweight and extremely robust: STAR has developed a new battery for a car manufacturer. Modern automotive manufacturers install more and more measuring instruments to test cars, and these devices all require energy. This is why our southern Germany-based customer needed more power for their vehicles. Full power under extreme testing conditions STAR Electronics successfully [...]

Not so expensive after all – pricing awareness in the automotive aftermarket

17. January 2018|AFTERMARKET|

Customers’ lack of knowledge about prices in the automotive aftermarket is a source of surprise.                        (photo: Antonio Guillem/ What price can I demand for my product? If you want to find the optimum price for your product, there are certain things you need [...]

Honoring a star – a project with a heart

20. December 2017|AFTERMARKET|

At STAR, we’re always on the lookout for projects that speak to our core values and reflect our philosophy. What matters most at STAR is people – how we live, breathe and interact – and our vision is to support one another and our communities. So when Heather Moore Cooke asked us for help in [...]

STAR Expert Day 2017: dodging ‘digitalemmas’

2. November 2017|SALES|

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips – and the same is true in marketing as well. While some companies are advancing, establishing completely new methods of addressing customers to bring their company’s success to the next level, many still feel helpless in the face of change. The will may be there, but how does one take [...]

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