Current trends for Sales, After Sales and Automotive Electronics


12. October 2017|SALES|

Successful trade fair presentation thanks to efficient media supply chain management As one of the largest automotive trade fairs in the world, the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Exhibitors from more than 30 countries and a variety of technological innovations from the world of cars [...]

Funding innovative entrepreneurial projects in engineering and mobility


STAR COOPERATION supports the M.TECH ACCELERATOR As an innovation driver and developer of advanced technologies, STAR is at the forefront when it comes to promoting young talent and entrepreneurs with promising and groundbreaking business ideas. In the spirit of technological innovation, STAR recently met with the creators of the consulting and support program M.TECH ACCELERATOR. [...]

Gateways and RBS times two


The Flex Device family has a new member. For years, engineers, developers and technicians have been trusting the series' tools, with which they can perform gateways and remaining bus simulations reliably. After connected with a power source, the compact and robust devices perform configured gateways and remaining bus simulations autonomously. Therefore, a personal computer is [...]

High voltage measurement technology – a “powerful” area in automotive electronics


Electrification of drive methods is ever increasing. No matter whether it is a hybrid, fuel cell or battery concepts for electric drive, it only works with high voltages. Safety, consumption as well as voltage and current behaviors have to be tested and validated - a "powerful" topic at meanwhile 1,000 V and 300 A conducting [...]

Transmitting sensor data safely with SENT


Everything is becoming digitized, communicating with sensors as well. Transmitting sensor data safely and cost-efficiently is more and more safeguarded today by using the SENT protocol (Single Edge Nibble Transmission, SAE J2716). The serial interface, standardized since 2007, facilitates substituting analog interfaces and digitally transmitting data with the corresponding sensors. Tools for sensor simulation Information [...]

Successful journey for almost ten years: PWM generator by STAR


Almost ten years ago, in 2008, STAR COOPERATION's Experts in Automotive Electronics were all set to go. For, our customer VW needed a mobile device to control so-called intelligent valves in its test benches. At the project start for our PWM generator, we defined the requirements for this mobile device together. Initially, we implemented two [...]

Great success at VR hackathon in Stuttgart

22. September 2017|DIGITIZATION|

Emanuel Leicht of atec innovation GmbH and his team have the decisive edge in exiting competition This past weekend, developers, programmers and enthusiasts met up for the VR hackathon in Stuttgart to delve into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) together. The hackathon's goal was to connect hobby developers, technology fans, students and experts [...]

Work together, run together

21. September 2017|INSIDE STAR|

Admittedly, it was quite chilly last night. At least for the ones who had made it to the airfield in Böblingen to be a cheerleader for this year's Airfield Company Run. But the 3,500 participants were fired up latest by the warm-up program. And this was necessary, because the five kilometer spanning track around the [...]

IT trainings in after sales for China and India

6. September 2017|AFTER SALES|

Things are very different the moment you leave your native country - this is also true for after sales. And sometimes, it is not so easy to overcome these natural cultural differences. For example, our customer, a German premium car manufacturer, encountered problems because its Chinese subsidiary's employees couldn't operate the group's internal IT systems. [...]

News from our start-ups: ello hits the ground running

30. August 2017|INSIDE STAR|

When parents say good bye to their kids on their first day of school it is an exciting day for everybody. And, naturally, there is quite a bit of pride involved. Almost a year after the first START-UP DAY, we have quite similar feelings when we hear the news of our start-ups. For, in the [...]

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