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New service by STAR: Logistics Quick Check

By | 16. August 2017|SALES|

Merely launching an innovative product to the market is not enough for economic success. To really attract customers, you need comprehensive accompanying material at the point of sale. Even in times of digitization, product flyers, merchandise and give-aways are not out. For, a successful marketing mix sustainably supports and accompanies sales. The STAR logistics experts [...]

Baden-Württemberg attractive location for start-ups

By | 11. August 2017|INSIDE STAR|

For us at STAR, innovations are an important strategic pillar for the future. That includes continuously monitoring the start-up scene in and around our Böblingen headquarters and to support interesting innovation projects. One example is our own STARt-up Award, which we inaugurated in the past year. Therefore, STAR could obviously not miss the first Start-up [...]

STAR COOPERATION wins large automotive budget for media management

By | 9. August 2017|SALES|

Böblingen, 09 August 2017 – The STAR COOPERATION’s Experts in Marketing & Sales are thrilled about a huge pitch success. The Böblingen-based media managers secured the BMW Group’s worldwide media management budget for sales literature and scored with their professional concept in content based publishing. For the Munich-based group, STAR COOPERATION will take care of [...]

STARt into work life

By | 4. August 2017|INSIDE STAR, SALES|

"I will never be able to remember all the names." "Will I find my car again later?" "Darn, where was my office located again? You get lost here so much ... am I on the right level?" These were my thoughts on the first day as apprentice to become a marketing communications professional. Looking back, [...]

atec innovation joins the STAR COOPERATION group


Böblingen/Sindelfingen, 31 July 2017 – Developing innovations is an important strategic pillar for the STAR COOPERATION. To further strengthen that, the Böblingen-based company has acquired the innovation hub atec innocation GmbH based in Sindelfingen with retroactive effect from 1 July 2017. „For years, we have been working with the colleagues at atec as partners in [...]

“Digital Human What?”


"… Modeling!“ That was always the first reaction I got when mentioning my final thesis. But I already knew that just naming the topic, „Digital Human Modeling“, will not be enough. So I already had the answer ready, waiting for the questioning expression on the faces: "And what does that mean?" I'm now looking back [...]

Welcome at STAR: atec innovation


Yesterday, a team meeting and a BBQ was on the agenda for our long-term partners at atec innovation. But in addition to steaks and sausages, the day also had a surprise for atec's employees up its sleeve. Since 1 July 2017, atec innovation GmbH belongs to the STAR COOPERATION Group. Visiting STAR in Böblingen The brand [...]

Apply now: STARt-up Award 2017

By | 24. July 2017|INSIDE STAR|

Have you founded a company in the past three years or are you just about to enter the founding process? Are you originally from the Böblingen/Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg region? Do you firmly believe that your idea will change the world? If you can answer these three questions convincingly and affirmatively, you and your innovation should definitely apply [...]

Deep into the subject matter: Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

By | 14. July 2017|INSIDE STAR|

"Deeper than the surface" is the name of the exhibition of artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach on STAR COOPERATION's premises. Associated with that is not only an artistic claim. The name also refers to the characteristic manner in which he creates art. He scratches, he scrapes, he etches – this way, he literally gets below the [...]

New service by STAR: Measuring Technology Engineering


One vehicle and thousands of contact points – a problem that leads to high loss of efficiency when in vehicle measurement. Therefore, our engineering specialist, together with the Experts in Automotive Electronics, have been offering an all-round carefree package in measuring technology engineering as of late. Comprehensive support in vehicle measuring technology This comprehensive support [...]

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