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Getting closer to the future – cooperation of STAR and DLR in the VECTOR21 project


Looking at global market requirements becomes every more important. Technological changes and their effects on companies and customer behavior is more and more at the center of attention. Wouldn't it be great if you could know already today what products your customers demand tomorrow - and then produce them now? Or if you could instantly [...]

Electric walking frame ello is gaining momentum

By | 20. June 2017|INSIDE STAR|

At last year's START-UP DAY, the eMovements team came in first with their electronic walking frame ello. Now, the young entrepreneurs have updated us on their progress: Development, trade fairs and fresh capital for ello In the past months, the team has made great progress in developing ello. The latest model comes with all the functionalities that will [...]

STAR goes green – with solar energy


There is a lot going on at our Sindelfingen location. In our EE workshop, we convert vehicles and we build testing systems and vehicles. And tailor cables to the specific needs of our customers. And since April, we have been producing something else there as well: our own solar energy! At the start of April, [...]

Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

By | 13. June 2017|INSIDE STAR|

Exactly one month from now, STAR COOPERATION for the third time will prepare the stage for a regional artist and his works. With his exhibition "Deeper than the surface", Helmut Anton Zirkelbach shows at STAR Insight 3, how, in art, a lot is taking place underneath the topmost visible level. He is still captured by the [...]

And the award goes to …

By | 6. June 2017|INSIDE STAR|

... maybe STAR COOPERATION. But it will take another couple of minutes until the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes Award will be awarded. But first, we had to convince the jury in the second stage of the competition that we belong into the final. For that, Dominik Dussling, Manager of STAR MARKETING, and Wolfgang Kraiss, General Manager at STAR SYSTEMS, [...]

New STARS tell their story: Johannes Metzger

By | 31. May 2017|INSIDE STAR|

It feels as if my first day as account manager at STAR PUBLISHING was just yesterday. But actually, I have already experienced 22 work days full of events. For a start, there was the STARters Day. A whole pile of information, but also the feeling of the new STARS being appreciated, is what stuck with [...]

Expert Day on tour: Capture Reality!


The difference could not have been any more prominent. A virtual reality apparatus, motion capturing suits and 3D animations - in front of a backdrop of dozens of oldtimers and classic cars.  On 18 May 2017, the STAR Expert Day went on tour and pitched its tent at MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart. Just a stone's throw away [...]

Coffee, pretzels and good conversations around Böblingen

By | 23. May 2017|INSIDE STAR|

Earlier than normal, the Green Salon was filled with people this past Thursday. For, usually, our events start late in the afternoon or early in the evening. But this was a special occasion since the Böblingen business community visited us in Otto-Lilienthal-Straße.   Böblingen has a lot to offer Once a month, the local business people [...]

Spontaneous, flexible and crazy – that’s why STAR is the perfect partner for us


In conversation: Wolfgang Bern, Director of Operations and CEO of Local Motors Berlin GmbH For Wolfgang Bern, Director of Operations and CEO of Local Motors Berling GmbH, innovative mobility concepts are the future. He has no doubt about it, though he considers many of them to be pure theory at this point in time. Although some [...]

World record, art and automotive electronics at STAR inhouse exhibition and STAR Insight


  The weather was fair, the food was good. And for the first time, we had our own "STAR Home Brew". The condition for this year's STAR inhouse exhibition and STAR Insight 2, taking place the same day, were great. But also the actual agenda was grounds for interest and a good atmosphere at the [...]

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